Lion’s Breath, also considered by some to be more of a Dragon’s Breath is a great way to clear your mind and release stress, tension, anger, and frustration.

Sit up tall

take a deep breath in through the nose

exhale out the mouth while sticking out your tongue and crossing your eyes to look up

What Miss Lulu Does When She Feels Frustrated


Teaching kids yoga can be challenging because they have their own ideas and interests and they’re generally not shy about sharing.  Sometimes they don’t want to be in yoga class or they forget how we have agreed to act in yoga class.

Yesterday someone got violently angry, this six year had come in late, so I tried to fill her in on what she missed in the first part of class.  We agreed to be kind and gentle to each other and to ourselves, and I noticed that she was breaking those agreements.  She was very upset, pounding the ground and any other little hands that tried to get at the game pieces she hid under her mat.  At this point I turned to the rest of the class and asked them, what does Miss Lulu do when she feels frustrated?

Pick an imaginary flower, bring it gently to your nose, smell as you take a deep breath, mmmmmm ahhhhhhhh.  

Sighing helps release stress and tension.